Ariana is a Canadian/American vfx artist with a solid grasp on production aspects of making films. After attending Columbia College in Chicago for film production, she moved to Vancouver to pursue her passion for post-production. One year in Vancouver Film School and she went out in the world, working on big projects like Huntsmen, Fate of the Furious and Star Trek: Beyond.

Ariana currently chases the challenging reality of independent projects and smaller budgets in exchange for more creative freedom. She has a natural charisma and people skills which make her easy to communicate and work with. In the future she will become a leader in the VFX field to inspire other women of color like herself and help them achieve their goals in a very masculine film industry.


  • Nuke The Foundry

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Maya

  • Avid

  • Mocha

  • PF Track


  • Kim Possible: Compositor

  • White Noise: VFX Supervisor/Compositor

  • Weitigo [VR]: VFX Producer/Compositor

  • Freaks: Compositor

  • Multiverse Dating for Beginners: Compositor

  • The Director: Compositor

  • The Whistler: Compositor

  • Up & Away: Compositor

  • Fast And Furious 8: Roto/Paint Artist

  • Star Trek Beyond : Roto Artist

  • Huntsman Winters War : Roto Artist

  • July Talk (MV) : Compositor

  • +more